Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Around Bend today

     My Mother and I rode around Bend today, we hit every bike shop from here to downtown Bend..
We like doing that sometimes just to see whats new. Did find some new small lights and new baskets. Then rode to Bend Burger company and ate lunch then headed on down to Old Mill District. Found out today here foot sergury has been moved up for next Wednesday, Then she will be down 6-8 weeks..
So no riding for her. We did ride 7 miles today.
I been downloading new songs on my Zune so I can take it riding with me.

            Heading to Tacoma Thursday to help my sister Chanda, finish her back yard. I am bringing my Trike so I can hopfully do some riding around town..staying from Thurs.-Saturday. I do like riding my trike. I cant wait till I get my Eletric motor (someday) NO MORE HILLS...lol

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