Friday, August 5, 2011

Biking around Bend Oregon

I rode about 23 miles around town, very nice day for a ride right around 78 degrees...
My mom,Trissy and Brooke (my daughters) went on the first ride which was 7.6 miles.
then they went home and I rode another lap ( around town) then mom called and her and Trissy wanted to go again. I rode the EZ Sport not to bad of a ride. needs some tweeking done but over all its nice comfy ride. went on my 3rde lap and rode a few blocks farther and ended up at a car show at the park. Great day for riding, trying to get all the riding I can since I start work in 2 weeks.
Tuning up the bikes tonight, the Sun EZ needs a new wheel so I replaced it with a quick release wheel i had.. then tightened all the bolts and checked everything, doing the same to the trike...

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