Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Night Ride and My new Trailer

Went for a Night ride into Old Mill and Downtown Bend. 6.5 miles.. Very cool and enjoyable ride.
There were quite a few bicyclist out tonite too...Not very many with lights though, I thought that was very unsafe..When the bicyclist without the lights would hit the dark spots on the road way you couldn't even see them.
Even the cops didnt do anything about it, You would think with all the car and bicycle crashes we have in Bend someone would step  up and say something about the No Light Bikers,,...ITS NOT VERY SAFE AT ALL...
The ride tonight included: Me, mom and my daughter Trissy....We also got to try out my new bike lites....They work great..

Finished my trailer tonight too it started out as a 23 ft Camper that was trashed.....So I turned it into a 14ft long flatbed . The sides are closed in about 3ft down it has a plywood deck and tandum axles. This will be a good trailer to haul bikes and use for camping and such,,,

Defintly going to use it this Friday for the Kidical Mass Ride to Munch and Movies, Its goin going to be a huge bike ride. Taking my trailer to the first park then riding to the Movies. It will be over by 9pm.. So kinda late to be riding home...

I will post pics soon....

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