Monday, August 1, 2011

This is my first blog and post, Here is a little about me..
I am married to a wonderful woman who lets me do what ever I want
We have 7 kids his hers and ours,, 6 girls and 1 boy and 4 grand babies and one more on the way,
Kids age range from 12-23. We have 2 kids left at home and in school still..
I hung iron for 16 years and now taking some time off to spend with my girls and play.
I coach Girls softball fast pitch for my daughter, I ended up coaching 2 teams this year. Little League was fun I started coaching a local Travaling team the it was ok just to many parents thought they knew more than me or the other coaches.I didnt care for that to much so next season I am starting my own team called the Bend Bulldogs. Its a 12U Travaling softball team. I do love coaching...

I Snowboard with my other daughter when we have time,.. Shes actually pretty good at it..

 I like building things such as a recumbent Trikes and bicycle trailers and a little wagon I made for softball gear and other things.I am a Tinkerer..
I do like riding my trike more than my Mt bike which I do have a very nice Mt. Bike. It has 27 gears,, disc brakes huge tires and an aweful So since I Built my trike I really havent rode my Mt. Bike to much.I have put on little over 100 miles so far. I havent rode as much as I like its just not so fun riding alone but my family really dont ride Bicyles of any kind.

I am hoping to build a bicycle truck I seen on you tube..That would be the greatest bike., save on gas and would be alot of fun to build.
Well I will post to project pics on here tomorrow and see what happens.

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  1. I enjoy your blog so wanted to come check out this post. Instead of having the trouble of looking for someone to babysit the child while they are away, they can just bring him with them instead and make him cover the same distance on wheels as they do.