Friday, September 23, 2011

New Generator

This is my new generator light set up. I need to a find a red light for the rear of my trike and I am hoping I will get to buy this electric bicycle tomorrow and adapt it to my trike, I figure I can take off parts I need then replace the bike wheel with another one and then sell the bike for 100 or 150 bucks. It will be new so we will see.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New lights

 Here are my new set of Panniers and Generator lights. I picked the lights up for $20.00 on Craigslist.
I haven't been riding in the last 3 days since I been working, the job is almost finished so back to riding I go.
I do miss riding, I started to put my new lights on tonight but I am just to pooped..maybe tomorrow or this weekend,,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trike fixed..

I been working on my trike for the last couple days. I have been hearing this low grinding noise and feeling it in my pedals, I couldn't nail it down until today.. I mean I moved my pulleys replaced some chain runs, I just could see it until I was working on the gears today and seen that the chain had jumped out of the rear-derailleur I have never seen that before but its good now and very quite, just a little rubbing on the front derailleur but its just an adjustment screw.

My nephew and I rode my 3 mile loop and the trike did great, I need to find me 3 polyurethane pulleys
to keep it more quite they are just hard to find, we are heading to Tacoma well Puyallup Fair but staying in Tacoma and maybe I can find one there, I even asked my Facebook friends since most of my friends live there...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Update on the trike

I updated my trike video... I been riding every night about 7pm or so. trying to go about 3-5 miles, works out great except the city and trheir damn sprinklers,
I seen a couple ladies riding 2 wheeled recumbent off of greenwood heading to newport today,,,I was heading to work or I would of stopped and mentioned the Recumbent Bike club. "Bent heads of Bend.:
I posted on the club page that if anyone wants to do an evening ride I go every night, maybe someone will ride too.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Panniers

I have a new set of Panniers, well used but new to me, as you can see they roll up when not in use and open and alot of room when you need them. Also I have a new flag. I really like my bags only paid $20.00 bucks at the used sports shop on Century Drive in Bend Or.
The Bent Heads of Bend have our first meet and greet this Saturday just down the road at a coffee house.
my mom no longer can ride since she had surgery on her foot yesterday to remove some bone spurs and other stuff, but next summer she will be ready to ride. So I am on my own till she can ride again since noone in my family rides but me.. Which means I wont ride so much but I will get some miles to hit 500 before snow falls. I am at 245miles now,

New Pedals...

I cut and moved my pedals on my trike..They were on top of the frame (left Picture) and now I cut about 6inches off and rewelded them to the middle of frame. (right Picture)..When I tore into the pedal assembly the bearings on the non chain side was thrashed. So I replaced them and all back together now and now it pedals so much easier, maybe location or maybe bearings.. Or but it looks more finsihed and complete.
This winter I am planing on redoing the back and shorting it up 16 inches. I have a plan lol
If I can find the back adjustable bars like on my Sun EZ it will work.. besides 16 inches I will lose about 5-8lbs of metal too...We'll see.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Packwood Wa.

This weekend Me, my daughter and mother went to Tacoma to help my sister Chanda, to do some yard renovations.
While I was there I took my Tadpole Trike and my Sun EZ Sport. I rode around Tacoma and you think the people in that town never seen a bicycle, rude ass people and always in a hurry..
Not a pleasant ride!

After the yard work was done we headed to Packwood Wa for their Annual Swap Meet and flea market..
I rode my bikes around the shops and I got great appraisals ex.......where can I get one and wow thats the way to
Made me feel pretty good, I did take a short video of Packwood., next year need more time and more money,,lol