Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trike fixed..

I been working on my trike for the last couple days. I have been hearing this low grinding noise and feeling it in my pedals, I couldn't nail it down until today.. I mean I moved my pulleys replaced some chain runs, I just could see it until I was working on the gears today and seen that the chain had jumped out of the rear-derailleur I have never seen that before but its good now and very quite, just a little rubbing on the front derailleur but its just an adjustment screw.

My nephew and I rode my 3 mile loop and the trike did great, I need to find me 3 polyurethane pulleys
to keep it more quite they are just hard to find, we are heading to Tacoma well Puyallup Fair but staying in Tacoma and maybe I can find one there, I even asked my Facebook friends since most of my friends live there...

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