Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finally Done for now

I finally have all my recumbents all fixed and ready again to hit the road.

The Sun EZ Sport is fully Electric now with the new thumb throttle and battery meter, this is mainly for my wife and mom when we go riding to just help them out a bit..This way I can still get my 10-15 mile rides in with them....

My Trike is all good to go, made the rack a bit longer all the lights work, Re-ran the chain with pulleys instead of PVC pipe.. added a double bottle holder behind my head..My trike seems to ride pretty good, and smooth

The Burley Koosch is all done too...has new seat that I made and its pretty comfy, added a new back bike rack that I built and put my roll up Pannier bagson, alls it needs now is  lights and speedometer. This bike cruises right along pretty smooth ride..

I am thinking about turning my trike into a Velomoble and like to add generatgor lights to the Sun EZ sport and Burley Koosch

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