Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trying out my hiking/biking cook stove

I was thinking it maybe a good idea to take my little box stove with me on some rides since I do pretty hungry on my rides. I hate stopping to eat fast food but as you all know there isnt alot of place to get a healthy snack...So I took my little box stove and some rice and took me a 1/2 hr break and made lunch
This is setting it all up
This is cooking the rice
its small enough to fit in my Panniers and very light.
and I can make a nice hot healthy lunch

Park riding in Bend Or

I went riding and did a 10 mile started to get cold but it was was pretty windy again and here is a video of my rode me riding down it..

This is a park across from the school hidden behind the houses
This is a park next to the school
So many wonderful places to ride in Bend Or..
Get off the couch and go ride save gas for one may like it

Windy ride

Today was 51degrees but the wind was blowing like hell....I rode 5 miles today and just took some videos of our Wonderful Parks in Bend...

                                                          Park near Elk Meadow School

Park across from Elk Meadow School...
as you can see there is alot of wondeful places to ride in Bend or

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My ride today...January 10, 2012

It was suppose to snow last night so I am glad it didnt...I managed to get a ten mile ride in and yesterday got a 8 mile ride is still holding around 40-50s and its ok to ride in..I been riding my Electric Sun Ez Sport.. it sure is nice ride. it takes the hills out of the ride...More Enjoyable

Looking at selling my homemade trike too..I just dont ride it like I do My 2 wheel recumbents..
Heres my ride home today...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter Riding

I rode my electric Recumbent the other day...Took my cans to the recycle bin at Albertsons and then rode to AT&T then back home. the weather was pretty good about 55 when I started then on the way home it hit about 38 and that was a bit cold..I ended up riding 20 miles round trip..I do miss riding,